Cabin Run Creek Campground


Local Attractions



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about the campground.

Call us at (606) 747-0716 to reserve a campsite.

Bracken County trails picnic shelter.

Our campground is close to the fair grounds, Germantown near Maysville, KY, (, Alexandria, KY ( and Pendleton County in Falmouth, KY (!contact/c1wsz.)

Stay at our campground in October then go to the Ky Woolfest-(

If it's fishing your looking for, well we are about 5 minutes to the Scenic OHIO River, take St. Rt. 1159 down to St. Rt. 8, go left to Meldahl Dam ( or go right on Rt. 8 to Augusta, they have a nice boat dock to fish on. 

Other attractions in or near Brooksville, KY, a farm for scents (

The ARK encounter and the Creation museum is about 1 hr from our campground.

Scenic Augusta, they have a nice boat dock and a place to swim, see


Close to restaurants and shopping in Brooksville, Augusta, Maysville, KY or take the ferry located in Augusta,

to Ohio.   


Swimming in Augusta is about 10 minutes from our camp or Coney Island in Ohio ( is about 35 minutes from our campground.

Other attractions include the historic (Walcott Covered Bridge aka White Bridge, located near St. Rt. 1159 on N. AA Hwy.  Close enough to walk.  See pics.


Hop on the trails South on the AA Highway to Bracken County Trails see for information.